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2408 East 81st Street, Suite 300
Tulsa, OK 74137
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Oklahoma Surgical Hospital Reviews

3 reviews
I work as a Medical Assitant for Premier Family Care owned by Oklahoma Surgical Hospital. I absoluetely love what I do, and wanting to further my career by pursing Registered Nursing. I love assisting with patients needs, surgical procedures, working as a team player to make the work environment a better place and I love learning! There are days I am faced with many challenges but it has helped me grow stronger as an individual and made me a better more knowledgable Medical Assistant. The company is a great place to work. My manager, medical director and coworkers are always willing to help and we all work together to make a great team.
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This is a private owned surgical hospital by a number of doctors. It is one of the higher ranked hospitals in Oklahoma. I couldn't imagine working at any other hospital. I have been an employee here for 10years. We are all about the patients and their best interests. I have been a patient twice myself and had excellent care. I would recommend this place to everyone.
I would like to see them take more value in the Drug Room department considering we do a lot to help out the hospital. I love the people that I work with, everyone is so down to earth.