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410 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
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I have worked here since I was 18 and have learned a ton. The experience is great, the insurance is great, retirement and tuition assistance is a great benefit. But one thing I really dislike is they really dont care about PCA's at all. They are so underpaid and do some of the most important and hard work in the whole hospital and I think a lot of people would agree with that. OSU is the only major hospital in the area that hasnt raised their minimum wage to $15/hr like they said. People at target are making more than us who do a lot of hard labor both physically and mentally. Another thing is they really only care about making money and healthcare is a business to them.
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Would absolutely work here again. Coworkers are great. Big focus on innovation, research, learning/teaching, and diversity. Benefits are excellent and management is supportive. There is a place and job for anyone and everyone. If you’re in school at OSU Or have children attending, the tuition assistance program is amazing. I put myself through school by working here.
Great Hospital, very nice staff. Colleagues are very collegial and great to work with. Collaborative and team-building environment.