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951 Ice Cream Drive
North Aurora, IL 60542
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The pay is the best part, I easily make $400-600 a month and I like my coworkers. One of our managers, the young 22 year old I amazing; she’s easy to talk to, helpful, and very personable. The older, 40 something year old seems burnt out on the job and treats the employees like children sometimes. Overall, not overly great or horrible.
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The support I have received from my supervisor is the best so far of any employer I have ever had. If I have a concern, my supervisor listens to me and helps me work through it. The only concern I have in regards to my employer is that I do not feel there is much growth for me there.
I worked at the retail location in Western Springs and management was terrible. We had two managers there who were always fighting with each other about policy. They would never train the new hires properly and always schedule them closing/rush hour shifts and blame it on the new hire for not being trained.