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Oakland County Parks and Recreation Reviews

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We get pretty good health insurance. The tuition reimbursement is the biggest reason why I have stayed. Also, after ten years of employment student loans are forgiven. On the other hand it’s not that great to work here. We only get a week of paid time off at the beginning of each year. There’s no “sick leave” so basically if you get sick and take 3 days off, you only have 2 days of paid leave left for the rest of the year! Additional paid time off is accumulated slowly over the year. For example, for the 3 years of employment you accumulate only 6 hours of paid leave off in a month. After 3 years of employment, you can earn a day of paid time off in a month. So eventually over a 12 month span, you will have earned 12 days off paid time leave (as long as you worked everyday of theuear straight through). So yes, you read right. We get a maximum of 17 days of paid leave off! Don’t use it all in one place is all I’m saying!
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Oakland County Parks and Rec offers great summer jobs for high school and college students! They have flexible hours and opportunities throughout Oakland County for employment. You are also encouraged to come back year after year.
I have been working here for over a year. I really enjoy the atmosphere and that my work does not overwhelm me.