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550 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016
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Experience is one that is innovative with great staff who are professionals, and vital to my professional development.

Support and resources are reliable and priceless!
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NYU Langone Health is a large company whose core value is to bring excellence of care to the undeserved community of NYC. My greatest enjoyment is knowing I am a part of this. I've grown in my roll because I've been allowed to work independently and incorporate my ideas to complete projects. Management encourages growth through education and gives us the tools to do so. There are daily challenges to complete projects on a timely basis, but we are given amble time to do so. The most enjoyable part of my job is knowing that I make a difference in such a large company. My efforts and work is appreciated.
My experience has been great so far. Management is always there when you need them and are always trying to be flexible with what ever life brings at you. The only downfall with my position is that its a fixed schedule. I'm still an undergrad and sometimes have trouble scheduling my courses because of my work schedule. I usually prefer being full time but because i work during the say shift , early classes aren't even an option for me, unfortunately. Moving up in the company is always encouraged if you have the proper credentials and if managements sees any way they can help getting you there they wont mind helping you.