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210 E Gray St
Louisville, KY 40202
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I work in the Norton Medical group and we are a very busy ICC which never stops once where open. I love the fast pace of my job, I like to stay busy so this job works best for my job skills. There’s not much to change about my current job situation, my boss is awesome , my co-workers are equally great. Maybe so better education for patient to know what location is better fitted for there needs at the ICC, like if and ER is better suited for them than our clinic that can only do limited tests an orders.
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Love working for this company! They give you every benefit to succeed in your career. They truly care about your present and future within the company and want you to get better as a person and employee.
Working with Norton Healthcare is the best hospital in the KYANA area to work for! I have been a practice manager for 2 years and I really enjoy the impact I have on my patients and staff.