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6200 North La Cholla Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85741
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I like how hard the employees work, short staffed and under paid. They show they truly care about patients and give their best. Some are always willing to help others and make the day flow more easily. Those helpful make us feel like a team, but there is a lot of disrespect from the management team. They expect the impossible and will do nothing to help and assist with the needs of patients and staff. There is alot of talking behind ones back and animosity from certain people and this makes the environment really uncomfortable and open for mistakes. I wish this would change, hire more employees so that ones there are not over worked and stressed. Management needs to step into our shoes and see what we actually go through, not just looking at the numbers.
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I really enjoy the hours, I work 3 12 hour shits which allows me to have more time for school and still work 40 hours a week. The managers have been helpful and there are a lot of nurses who care about their patients.
I have worked there for several years. My favorite thing is my co-workers. I also love that there are many opportunities for advancement and many departments to choose from. Wages are pretty competitive with the local healthcare job market.