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3300 Oakdale North
Robbinsdale, MN 55422
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Working for the clinics is rough. There is ALWAYS a lack of leadership at the clinic and higher levels.
There is too much change, and leadership does not look into things before just picking to start something.
Things are started and then stopped very shortly after. Which creates stress on the employees learning a new work flow, only to have it be discontinued months to a year later.
ALWAYS short staffed, creating a massive amount of stress onto other employees.
HR takes too long to post new positions, so you are out of co-workers for quite sometime and picking up their work until new employees are hired.
Working for them at the hospital level may be a little different, but at the clinic level there is too much turn over.
I have worked at the Minnetonka clinic for almost 4 years now and am one of FEW who have worked there this long.
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Your coworkers at North Memorial are like a team. Everyone is there to help each other, and ultimately to provide the best care to our customers. The health care systems is continuously changing though, and sometimes the policies put in place for our customers does not always have the best effects on work place conditions.
The management is not the best. It’s hard to get clarification or help from management. Communication is very minimal here often you’re left confused with no idea wha A going on and a few different people telling you different things. It’s very frustrating. There’s a lot of drama around the workplace between employees that’s not resolved by management if they are favored by them.