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Everyone is so nice and very professional. The company cares about you and make you feel extremely important to their success.
It was good with commission and opportunity for growth and benefits, but managers have little management training and tend to play social games with hours and work.
Great company but its 50/50 that your on site leadership is good. There are a lot of opportunities for growth, but you need to be a self starter.
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I have worked at both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. There are pros and cons to both, but overall I have been satisfied with my time working for Nordstrom, Inc.! The 20% employee discount goes a long way on larger purchases, and we do get perks from the company, such as extra discounts during the holiday time. Retail is tough, but I feel that Nordstrom takes good care of it’s employees through these benefits and more! The 401k match is great too. Good management depends on the store, some managers are only in it for selfish reasons but the majority want to help you and see you succeed. Most of the managers I’ve had in the 3 years I’ve been with the company are flexible with my academic (I’m currently a college student) and social life because they understand work/life balance. Customers are customers, you will encounter the good and the bad. The culture here is mostly positive and I would recommend working here for the life experience.
Both employers and employees cared deeply about business function and success while also taking extremely good care of employees.
Great opportunity for growth within the company. A lot of ways to train and learn new things. Several departments to learn and train. Great chance to train and teach others to learn your drop and take advantage of the growth capable of achieving.
I like that I can work a shift that is early enough that I have minimal contact with people outside of my team for most of the day. Also, they are flexible with hours that I can work so it works well while going to college.
I realized it was a terrible place to work when almost ALL of my coworkers had admitted to similar experiences of evaluating the cost/benefit of getting into a car accident to get out of work.
If you work for Nordstrom, they are less lenient on your school schedule.If you work for Nordstrom Rack, they work with your school schedule more, but they over work you, cut hours easily, management isn't that great and there is favoritism. Just focus on school if you're not planning on moving up within the company.
Nordstrom is a good place to work. They have been very flexible with my school schedule allowing me to pursue my career goals and aspirations. Our management team provides the best environment to be successful in the retail industry.
Nordstrom has a fostering work enviornment, a good employee benefits program, including its discount on merchandise, has great advancement opportunities and has a competitive pay structure.
I liked my experience at Nordstrom, it is a great company if you want to get into the fashion industry as it has access to many top brands. It may be hard to move up in the company as it requires luck, but you can make a lot of money depending on your work ethics.
Nordstrom is a great company that actually cares about it's people. Sometimes the hours are long and they expect a lot from you but overall it is a great place to work.
Great retail environment to work. Managers are always looking to help employees move up and obtain promotions.
It has changed over the years, it used to be a lot more employee focused I feel that it is more focused on sales and goals now and overlooks a lot of needs and help employees need hence the bad turnover in employees staying. It is the employees who become family and the work culture that keeps most people here other than that I don't find it worth it.
Overall a good experience. Some frustration with often changing management. Also, it began to get understaffed as good tailors are hard to cone by, therefore we were always operating under extreme time constraints. I liked most of my coworkers there, and the company discounts are nice. If you have small children, the late hours can be difficult.
I'm a new hire, just started, and I'm very unimpressed.
Training was long, pointless, and boring. We learned basically nothing of the actual jobs we are doing. Get confused? You're on your own basically.
Have a last minute schedule change? They may work with you on it, but scheduling is pretty rigid, and there's not much flexibility on a week by week basis.
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I am currently employed as a sales associate, while I am in school, and absolutely love it! I am quite the people person, and have several engaging conversations on the daily basis. I feel that my job is of high importance, I help people exhibit their inner persona on the outside. I also aid with matters of self confidence, and expression. Compensation is primarily commission based, however, there is base pay. Essentially, your compensation is matched according to your efforts. Hours are on an opening/closing shift basis. Eight hour work shifts are usually the norm, and include an hour lunch.Scheduling is pretty sporadic, not predictable by any means, this is due to the managers attempting to balance the open to close ratio amongst employees. In closing, if shopping is your favorite hobby, or past time, this would be the position for you.
Nordstrom is an incredible company, on paper. However, working in the store is a different experience. The sales people are sharks, and you have to have tough skin to be able to last in the environment. You have to hustle every day to make money. You have to be resilient and not get discouraged easily because you work on commission and you are penalized for customer returns. You're not compensated enough for how hard you work to succeed.
Pro : Great benefits, opportunities to move up presented often.

Con : Corporate, regular meetings that recognize sales but support staff get to clean up.
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