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New York, NY 10004
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I worked as a membership rep knocking on selected doors to persuade them to participate in the Nielsen ratings. Knocking on random doors is flat out dangerous and I soon began hating it. I put my life at risk many times. Also if you aren’t performing to the standard nationwide quota they quickly put you on a 3 month performance plan to fire you. How could I be at the same level of someone knocking on easy southern accessible doors while I’m her tricking doormen on Upper East side homes who could care less about tiny incentive plans. They need a better system. The independence was great but the expectation of me was unrealistic.
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Pretty fun and outgoing environment, compensation and benefits are competitive. A great job for college students or elderly looking for something stationary.
The hours that they give off are very terrible. However the pay is good and the managers try. Some do not care about the employees but some do. What is bad about the job is the upper upper employers that are bad and they make the managers do wrong on the lower employees. The pay is decent and the co workers at my location were mostly cool and that is a big reason why I stayed there so long. All in all it was a good experience and they try to make it positive but the management needs the most work.