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1185 Avenue of the Americas 27th Floor
New York, NY 10036

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Jobs for your territory open up at 12:am Saturday mornings. You have until 5:pm Friday afternoon to get those jobs finished. You basically make up your own hours and you choose which days you want to work. You feel like your own boss. You do have an area manager. Mine is pretty nice. The downfalls of the job: TOO MUCH CARDBOARD. UPS will bring your materials to get those jobs done just about EVERY SINGLE DAY. Also, all of the hardware to get these jobs done take up a lot of room. I have had to buy totes to put them in. There are different ones, too, so I have them separated. Its not a bad job. I work part time, have one territory that consists of 6 stores. I really like my job overall.
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I enjoy working for this company, it is a flexible position, so I can be home for my son. The pay is average. The benefits are great. The company offers many types of benefits to help in all areas of life. The people at the company are very helpful and easy to get along with.
I love how flexible the hours are I am able to go to school and work which is great. I do my own work individually, I also get to have my weekends off being that the hours are so flexible.