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201 Lyons Ave
Newark, NJ 07112
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My co workers are the best. I have been here for 31 years. I would not have met the extra ordinary people if I didn't work here. For the most part management is for the staff. I believe the hourly wage is a lot lower than surrounding hospitals. A lot of times new hires will stay only for a year or two and then leave to work at the hospital that pays more. This is very discouraging for other staff members and in the past year we have lost at least 8 nurses to other hospitals.
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They are very respectful and nice , I had a great experience there I met a lot of good people. They were respectful they took me in and trained me as a great radiology scheduler and I learned a lot from them I would come back again to do it all over again.
I enjoy my job. I attend to retire from there. There is always opportunity to grow. My coworkers are friendly and we are one large family. I have learned a lot and continue to learn a lot everyday. This is a great place to work.