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125 Parker Hill Avenue
Boston, MA 02120
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New England Baptist Hospital Reviews

2 reviews
As a new certified nursing assistant, working at the Baptist has been great overall. I just got into nursing school and have met some great RN mentors who have been a big help in understanding healthcare and the responsibilities of a nurse. There is a good team work ethic on the floor and the Hospital is small so you end up knowing everyone you work with. I love that you are able to accrue holiday time and they also give you holiday time twice a year on top of that. Management staff is very understanding about schedules and helps to work around my school classes. This isn’t very common in healthcare, most hospitals just assign shifts and expect you to meet their needs regardless.

As an aid it can still be difficult to not be overworked, having at times a heavy patient load such as 10-12 patients a shift. Sometimes you are scheduled alone, mostly weekends. The tasks and skills are a bit repetitive, but really a good start for anyone starting out in a healthcare profession.
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People in the hospital are very friendly. I currently work in the Pharmacy Department and the staff is kind and helpful, especially the pharmacy manager. Hospital has great benefits and there is many opportunities to grow within the hospital. They support people trying to grow within the hospital and will pay part of your tuition for school. The location is great. There is public transportation (located in Boston) and parking is available for employees.