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215 East Water Street
Muncy, PA 17756
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Muncy Valley Hospital Reviews

2 reviews
I have worked per diem as a service assistant at Muncy Valley Hospital for over three years. I have had an, overall, decent experience. The residents in the skilled nursing unit are great, and there are a variety of different duties available to service assistants. Service assistants also have a lot of opportunities to advance their careers and become a CNA at the cost of the hospital if they wish. My only complaints are that the skilled nursing unit constantly hires new service assistants which makes per diem availability vary greatly, and the fellow staff members are not always the most friendly, as can happen in any environment, because the work can sometimes be stressful.
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I love my time working at the hospital. I enjoy working with all of my coworkers. The heads I work with are so sweet and are very welcoming. The elderly people really cheer me up if I am having an off day. They are super flexible with schedules as young people still in school are busy with school and sports. Overall I love my job.