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Multicare Good Samaritan Hospital Reviews

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I love the collaboration and teamwork with the staff of this hospital. They are very respectful and helpful.
The workers are amazing, but it so busy they feel very rushed. Employees seem very overwhelmed and rushed with patient because it a fast paced busy hospital. There is not enough room in the ER for as many patients come through every day.
Every staff member is very educated, friendly and hardworking. I feel that everyone hired is trustworthy and can provide the right care to their patients.
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Horrible management, even worse HR, NO SUPPORT what so ever, you're expected to work with the least amount of staff as possible and the least amount of supplies. Management totally disregards patient safety as well as staff safety. Working understaffed is a daily, not a sometimes. Moral is down. Only upper management gets gain sharing.
I love the staff I work with, we are a family for sure. Staff is hard working for such a fast pace and busy environment with a high census.
It is ok to work here. High turn over rate, means you are always working with new people who don't know a lot about the job. You also have to train people a lot. New employee are less commited to doing a good job because they at less commutes to the process as a whole. I work in the lab so I am really just speaking for the lab.
I love working for Multicare. They have good benefits and many opportunities to move up in your career.
I would like it to be more geared to employee statisfication and not based on survey per patients or budget. It does not help keep retention of employees when based on surveys or budget of having an employee there it feels like we are nothing but a number.
I’m a new employee here but think the pay is very competitive. They offer good benefits and tuition assistance.
I love the people I work with but the work drama can get over whelming! Even though most people in my department do their jobs, a lot of the nurses do not and it creates angry patients who are then angry at us.
It has been a great experience working here. I transferred from a different hospital to gain new knowledge and experience on a different level.
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