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8131 Seaton Place
Montgomery, AL 36116

About Montgomery Eye

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Montgomery Eye Reviews

3 reviews
Staff works hard to give the best care possible to all people to who enter the building. We go out of our way to double, and triple check everything to make sure it is perfect. We spend hours activating coupons and haggling with Pharmaceutical and insurance companies to make sure our patients can get the best medication possible without breaking the bank. The Dr.s take extra time to teach everything they know to the rest of the staff so we can be knowledgeable in every step we take towards best care possible. Our education is also continued monthly through learning seminars and tests that we are required to take and pass to remain employed. Safety is number one as we disinfect the entire room and ourselves before and after each patient. We change lives by bringing clear vision to those who have never before experienced it. This is what we wake up thinking and caring about every single day. I am inspired by our common goal of increasing the quality of life for all of our patients.
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Great Company to work for. Great Benefits and pay. The best co workers around. Training and education has really helped.
Love my boss, love my coworkers, love working with eyeglasses, have some customers that I adore, but most customers make me question humanity...