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498 Seventh Avenue 20th Floor
New York, NY 10018
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Modell's is a kind of job that everyone should experience in their life. This type of job is retail, and it really helps you learn how to communicate with people, and become a person who is notable in a room of 100 people. Modell's can also be a learning experience, dealing with managers that are sometimes that are not so nice, and customers that might be in a grumpy mood. You learn to let the water run off the duck's back, move on, and learn from the situations that come your way.
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I took the Modell's Sales associate position, which was later a Greeter position, to help pay the bills. While I enjoyed the company of the co workers, the store manager is not as friendly. Hours aren't flexible, and there are barely any benefits unless you apply for management positions.
My time at Modell's Sporting Goods had it's up and down, but it's definitely a great place to start working. The pay is well and the work is not as overloading as you think. The workers were respectful and customers can get a little impatient, it's retail after all. This job is a team base job, in other words everyone works together to find a solution to a problem. Again, I really believe this job is a great start off job.