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164 Summit Avenue
Providence, RI 02906
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The Miriam Hospital offers combined sick and vacation time, grouping it as earned time. The benefits are through Lifespan, which are good, but co-pays, even within the hospital network, have been steadily increasing. Dependent upon your title and what department you are within, management can be particularly accepting of family issues, a need for flexible hours, etc. However, this greatly depends upon whether or not your role is clinical or essential. It is difficult to obtain raises, even if your job duties change vastly. Also, if you move within Lifespan (even if you are moving with years of experience), your rate of pay will stay the same within the same title.
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This is a great company to work for, the hours are flexible, most of the employees that works for this hospital truly care about their patients.
Working here allowed me to take my skills and grow them even further. I know that my input is valued and my hard work is appreciated.