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Management was lazy for the most part. I was one of the few black employees and it would be awkward at times when my coworkers would "hey girl hey" me to death.
I like this company but I wish to see more organization in management. My coworkers are nice and hardworking but the turnover rate is high.
I Loved the friendships built between employees and the bonds and respect between front and back of the house. My only negative experience is the lack of consideration for employees living off tips in regards to properly managing staff quantity.
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Working here has been somewhat tiring. I would like to see management care more about their employees and and understand they have lives outside if work. I wish they could not schedule people doubles every two days and get upset with them when they hit overtime by Wednesday. some positives to this company is that you can move up in a fairly decent amount of time as long as you work hard and mention that you are interested in a higher up position. I do not regret choosing this as my place of employment for the time being, but I do wish management cared about us like we care about the store and making sure it runs smoothly.
I have been with company almost 10 years and it is a great company to work for. Management has always been the problem in my location. My store was even nic named the graveyard for managers. That being said the job was not easy. But the customer that the staff attracts makes up for a lot of the heartache.
I have a great 4 years working with Miller’s Ale House. I have made great friendships while working at this stablishment which I’m thankful for. We have a great team and I don’t think I would’ve had it any other way.
I like all our regular customers. The managers are great. The scheduling is very flexible while I attend school. I also love the food like the mountain melt. I can eat that everyday.
I enjoy working with the team! I wish the managers were more consistent, had a new one every couple of months.
Great company to work for, wonderful people to be around, easy to stay active and they promote from within the company
The company's dedication to people and quality. The company has a set of core values that they really live by not just words. I wouldn't change anything.
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