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14 Prospect Street
Milford, MA 01757
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I have worked as a SNA for a few years at MRMC. It is a wonder hospital facility; the nurses are well-educated and compassionate for their care of patients. It is very team-oriented; everyone is always working together in order to achieve the best outcomes for their clients. Considering I am in nursing school, the nurses who I work with are always teaching me about patient diagnoses and how this relates to what I physically observe. They also provide opportunities for observing dressing changes, med admin., and line placements.

As an aide, we are always short staffed. When being floated to work other floors, the staffing isn't usually so welcoming or helpful with questions. This is frustrating especially when working with nurses, aides, and equipment that you are unfamiliar with. Overall, I have grown a great sense of confidence, and knowledge regarding patient centered care which has benefited me throughout nursing school. I would love to work at MRMC once I achieve my RN license.
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I have had a wonderful experience working in the kitchen for almost 2 years now. I love the people I work with and I love the work I do. I greatly enjoy the conversations I have with patients and I feel like I'm performing meaningful work. I believe that this is a good job because I always know that there is opportunities for me to work. I am not afraid that I will not be given any hours. To me, this is a very good job choice and I would trade it for the world.
I love working on my floor because we work as a team and the aids I work with are great and some of the nurses are great too, but some nurses dont really like to help you and it's hard to take care of 13 patients to one when they have only 3 patients. I'm not saying there jobs difficult because it is. But would like to see more help, when need too.