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Microsoft is a very diverse and inclusive company that promotes growth in every department. Enabling you to learn something everyday and reach a new level. Microsoft stands by its mission statement of enabling everyone to achieve more.
Everything. The favouritism is stark and it's a reminder of why you want to get a job where your skills are valued more than your ability to kiss ass. I'm so glad to have found another opportunity recently so that I could move on.
Microsoft is an incredible place to work. Honestly the people here do not know how good they have it! Free coconut water, soda, coffee, etc., good and inexpensive cafes, and lots of room to grow and be inspired. However the lack of communication and management style here is astonishing. They have a serious lack of quality leaders. Their isn’t enough of a team mentality, more of every woman for herself kind of place. But still an amazing place to work!
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It is one of the best places I’ve ever worked for. All of my comworkers are like family, I always enjoy going to work. It’s not like any other retail job I’ve worked before. The management cares about you and your work life balance.
I love working in this friendly and enthusiastic environment! I am the head of security services at the Microsoft R&D Center and this is hands down the best work environment I have yet experienced!
There is not enough that you can say about this corporation. Microsoft is one of the best places to have a career. Everyone here is treated with the upmost respect from peers. There are brilliant minds all around you that are willing to help with any set of problems.
I love my coworkers. They're some of the smartest and generous people I've met. When I was in the hospital, my boss and colleagues came to visit me and reassured me that I just need to focus on getting better, and that they’ll cover for me while that was happening. Then when I came back, they cared about getting me back to work, but also that it was at a pace that I could handle. They were all so understanding, and it helped my confidence to know that I did not have to force myself to feel better, that I could take the time needed.
Great benefits and there’s always opportunities to grow within the company. The culture that Microsoft achieves makes the work environment even better.
Microsoft Corporation is a place of unlimited dreams and goals. It remains one of the most captivating company in the world. You can never go wrong with Microsoft, when it comes to Initiatives. They keep coming out with ground breaking possibilities and creativity at their craftsmanship.
Phenomenal company who loves and wants to grow. Would recommend!! Ever since I started, I've been exposed to a ton of growth opportunities that would help change my life. From the wisdom to job opportunities, the company wants to take your life to the next level. Everything is taken care of, all one needs to do is show up and show out. Your opinions matter and is needed for the success of the company. No suggestion is too minor for the ears of caring manager. Simply, if you have the chance to work here, please take it and your life will change for the better.
Industry leading engineering, culture forward and diverse organization. The shift across Microsoft over the past several years has been both prudent and earth shaking. Full steam ahead!
Microsoft is a great place to work. The culture is less uptight for a corporation, and more fun. Teams are all encouraging, and you're never the smartest person in the room so there's lots to learn. They give you the time, resources, support, and encouragement to grow. A lot of really high profile companies to work with also. I was a consultant so I was exposed to many other companies as a contractor. Not a single bad experience in my 2 years of working here.
Microsoft is a great place to work. They offer good benefits and engaging work. Employees typically get interesting projects and are able to explore different roles within the company.
Great company with fantastic benefits and opportunity. There are many options for self-development, and there are many options for growth.
The company has a great mission to empower every person and organization on the planet, which you can truly get a sense of every day. The challenging aspect of the company is it's size. I do not find mobility to be easy at this company if you find yourself in a role that is not a good fit.
One of the finest examples of a positive company culture. Management is very passionate, caring, and willing to work with you to meet your own goals.
Great team environment, inclusive, growth development for employees. Potential for employees to learn and develop management skills.
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Working at Microsoft has been amazing! I feel they value their employees and love to train and promote from within. I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of individuals who value work relationships.

The salary, perks, and benefits exceed all of my former employers.
I have been working at Microsoft for a little over 2 years. I have enjoyed the experience. I have worked for several large employers in the Seattle area and Microsoft is by far my favorite company so far.
Very friendly staff, a lot of benefits. It's an honor to work for them. I really enjoyed my time working there and will highly recommend.
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