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2213 Cherry Street
Toledo, OH 43608
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Working at Mercy Health, there are a lot of ups and down in the job. I work as an advanced nursing assistant. There are a couple things that I like about my job. The first thing I like is the fact that I get to help people all day. I enjoy helping others in need of services. The next thing I like is my managers. They do the best they can in making our job flow. Finally, I like that there is a lot of team work with the nurses and we work together to get the job done. Working with Mercy Health, there are also things I dislike at moments. I dislike the understaffing at times which can make the job rough. This can cause nursing assistants to be over worked and abused. Finally, I dislike the way that we (staff) can be treated by visitors who are unhappy with services. Overall, I love my job.
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My experience bring a patient was outstanding.The doctors and nurses was caring and very knowledgeable whenever i had questions that needed to be answered. I would recommend St.Vincent Hospital to anyone who wants great care.
This place is a great place to work far as helping the underserved community. But the management could be more organized and do what they expect the employees to do. I love to patients and the work environment but the pay should be increased due to the extra amount of work that goes into particular offices.