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615 New Ballas Road
Saint Louis, MO 63141
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It depends on where you are working but since the pandemic, many places have become more hectic than ever. The best area to be is within the maternal or pediatric side!
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I very much enjoy working here at Mercy. The staff are helpful and with growing my knowledge, I have been able to make the time that a patient is here much easier and understandable. I enjoy how culture rich the environment is, from it's events that take place to some customs that are incorporated (such as the daily and evening prayer). As for things that I would like to change, perhaps a more thorough path to financial assistance for patients so that they know all of their options and can be helped.
I always feel welcome in Mercy, whether I am walking into a clinic or the hospital, and whether it is as a patient or as a coworker. Everyone is friendly, which is always a great start. It doesn't stop there though. The people at Mercy as knowledgeable, and indescribably caring. They always put the patients first, no matter what the situation. Everyone works together as a team and that is what makes this hospital and company run so smoothly. I am so proud to be part of this great community.