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4300 West Memorial Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
About the Area
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Dense Suburban
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I love working at Mercy hospital! My supervisors are always looking for ways to help my coworkers and I become better resources to our patients. If there is a problem, I never feel uncomfortable approaching my supervisor about it because I really believe they care about making it a safe, productive environment for everyone.
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I like how this company has various benefits. This company is large so you can transfer to various departments. The opportunity's at this organization are endless as they are always striving to educate their employees. However, outside of the many opportunity's provided this organization is very stressful and has high turn over rates.
Mercy is a Catholic Hospital that claims to have a lot of respect and compassion and to treat everyone equal, which includes giving a listening ear to co workers, patients and the public at large. I will disagree to this fact as most of the managers at Mercy are just horrible, thereby giving Mercy a bad name. They handle situations very poorly and discrimination is very clear. I have worked here for 2 years now and I will say the only thing that keeps many people from showing their worst is the fact that they are wearing that Mercy symbol and have to camouflage who they really are.