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1700 Clinton Street
Muskegon, MI 49442
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3 reviews
I work full time as a medical assistant and I believe the company is not willing to improve working/pay conditions for MAs, but seems to be baffled why the turn over rate is so high. It is frustrating to see so many employees with great potential leave because they cannot support their families or be forced to work short staffed which is incredibly unsafe for patients as well as our own health as employees. The culture at muskegon rewards "seniority" and the good old boys club rather than up to standard workers. It's a hard environment and not my ideal place I would like to advance my career.
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A very good place to work for, but I think they need to train their managers better. I think they need to have a management degree instead of hiring people from senority. They are underqualified and do not know how to be professional with their lack of knowledge.
So far it has been a great experience at Mercy Health. I love my office that I work at and my group of co-workers. Mercy has been expanding so much its great to see the changes and changes to come.