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1947 West Gray Street River Oaks
Houston, TX 77019
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I enjoy going to work every day and knowing that I will be helping men achieve a look they will love! It is always fast-paced up-beat and a fun work environment. The starting pay is very competitive and there is always room for raises based on your sales or commission value. I do wish that they spent a little more time training the sales staff, but other than that it is easy to slide into this career if you have no retail experience.
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I’ve worked for Men’s Wearhouse for over 18 years. Overall it has been a god experience. However the job I loved most with the company was eliminated over 2 years ago & since then, I haven’t been as happy going to work. I don’t like working on commission and I don’t feel that after 18 years of service, the amount of money you make should decrease!
Overall I would have to say men's warehouse gave me the opportunity to branch out and broaden my horizons. This position taught me how to interact with customers and treat them like family on a daily basis. This job taught me teamwork and negotiating skills that help me in the day to day life. The people there where understanding off almost all peoples situations whether it is family, health, or anything else they were happy to help out and work out a schedule with you.