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701 N First St
Springfield, IL 62781
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I have been with Memorial Medical Center for three years and have experienced three different departments. I've worked as a floor tech on an inpatient unit, a tech at our express care facilities, and finally as a tech in our Emergency Department and I enjoyed each position. We have a truly great health system with an amazing team. The only things I would ask to be changed is the size of our ER, for the volume of patients we see, and an increase in daily staff to better care for those patients.
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I've worked at Memorial for about three years now and I love what I do. I actually feel like I'm making a difference and it feels great when my patients tell me so. However, even if I love this job, my boss isn't the best boss in the world. She doesn't listen to anyone and she loves to yell at me for things that I can't control.
So far so go - 2 plus years. Good benefits, average pay, small raises, ability to transfer, some flexible hours.