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For the past three years, I have been providing services to Medtronic. Medtronic is the largest medical device company in the world. My division, Medtronic Diabetes, is one of Medtronic’s most diverse locations. People from all different cultural and economic backgrounds come together to collaborate on behalf of patients with Diabetes. This has been an incredible opportunity for me, because I grew up in a small town in rural Minnesota. Exposure to the wealth of knowledge that people bring from their unique backgrounds has opened my eyes to the joys, and heartache, in different parts of the world. The diversity has also taught me that how I present myself triggers other’s natural biases and can potentially impact generating positive results.
Medtronic is the largest medical device company in the world, but people across all management levels are accessible.
Medtronic is a great place to work! Like anything else there are drawbacks but overall the culture is great
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Medtronic is a nice place to work in. I know I can depend on work/life balance while being a mother. I wish they gave bigger raises every year. when you top out in your position to be promoted you only get a raise depending on how well the company does for the fiscal year.
Great company to work for, wonderful benefits. Supportive work environment. I love working here. Every single day we help to change lives in the Diabetes community. My favorite part about my job is hearing the success stories of patients receiving insulin pump therapy and how it has changed their lives for the better. Even after a particularly stressful day, I know the work I am doing is impactful and helps people live a better and healthier life.
A great company to work at with a wonderful mission. I worked in the Neuromodulation division and the stuff we were doing was amazing. I wish things didn't move so slow because of the FDA, but when you're building devices to save peoples lives, that makes sense.
I feel that the products are second to none. However, I don't think the company benefits from going the more contract route in majority of positions within the company. As that doesn't usually ensure longevity within the company.
It has been a wonderful experience working with nedtronic. We manufacture medical equipments and I have gotten to understand how a minor error on someone's part could lead to death or adverse effects. I have learnt to take every job seriously because you may not know whose life may depend on you.
If you’re looking for a big company with a small family feel, this is it. Great pay and great benefits.
I have been a part time employee for 6 months. I have enjoyed how communicative the corporate offices are with those of use away from main headquarters. My team is supportive and helpful, I have enjoyed that my manager mentors me and helps to make me better at my position.
So far, my experience at Medtronic has been excellent. Medtronic has a strong mission, part of which is to take care of their employees by offering competitive wages and comprehensive benefits.
Medtronics is a good place to work. I am having an excellent work experience. I am a material handler. I pull product that has to be shipped to customer.
Great benefits and a company that is flexible with changing working schedules. Benefits include Tuition Assistance Program, excellent health & dental programs. Sometimes lunch is provided. Overall Medtronic is a good company to work for. Of course all corporations have room for improvement. The customer service department could use more help when it comes to entering orders and answering phone calls.
Medtronic is an amazingly nurturing environment with opportunities for anyone to build the career they want.
I really like company culture. Everyone is very focused on the mission, and the managers are caring. The variety of projects there are to work on is great. But as with any large company, it can be difficult to get things done that require multiple groups involvement.
Large company so huge opportunities for advancement but lots of bureaucracy; sometimes creates barriers to completing work, causing delays to project closure.
I love working at Medtronic. It is a great environment. Everyone is nice and welcoming. It's also rewarding to know how much you are helping people by working there.
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There is such a great atmosphere in my department. It is vital that we work together for the greater good of the company. We understand that is products do not get shipped out, then the company will not succeed.
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