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9000 Franklin Square Drive
Baltimore, MD 21237
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Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center Reviews

3 reviews
This is an overall good company to work for, but if your like me and have a learning disability and need accommodations, they might not always hire you. I was hired into a large busy office, but because I couldn't get checked off on all my skills within 90 days they let me go. And then after being offered a job they rescinded the offer because of the accommodations that I had requested. As a patient, I would definitely recommend this company, but as an employee, I'm not as certain there is a guarantee that they will help you learn in the way you need to be able to learn to improve skills.
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I love the staff I work with, however sometimes as a tech they do not staff us accordingly.For full time you work three, twelve hour shifts. I personally love the hours, and you know your schedule for a month in advance.
I love working here. They treat everyone with the same respect and it’s an amazing opportunity. Being here has exposed me to many different cultures and personalities.