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401 S Ballenger Highway
Flint, MI 48532
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McLaren Flint Hospital Reviews

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McLaren-Flint is one of the best hospitals and the state of Michigan. This hospital is known for being top rated in treating patients with strokes and is rated as best hospital for cardiovascular. I have the pleasure of being employed by McLaren and working with the great staff at McLaren, as well. My experience being a member of the McLaren team has really benefited me in so many ways. My interests in Healthcare has enabled me to acquire more skills and knowledge with how to provide patient care. Being apart of the McLaren family encourages me to strive for my goals and elevate my skills so that I can continue to be a asset to my community, providing the top patient care.
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Very positive experience. I'm glad that I was offered the job here. It's somewhere that I can see my future growing. They offer all of the positions that you can easily change jobs or for me when I finish my degree I can just move up in the position that I'm in now. My coworkers are great to get along with and are almost always willing to work with you when you or they need a day off.
I love how everyone collaborates to care for the patients, but I feel like they can be understaffed a lot of the time.