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McKesson is an extremely employee focused company. They encourage inner growth and promotion within the company. Everyone is always happy to teach and guide newcomers.
McKesson is a great place to work. There are a lot of opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge. There is room for growth and development of your career. There are many different departments to take you career in the direction you want to go. McKesson has a lot of benefits to offer its employees from wellness programs to health care. There is a wealth of executive communication and transparency.
Overall I enjoy working here, it is close to home and the culture is great. They really want to see you succeed and do your best work.
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McKesson is a name commonly seen in hospitals, but medical supplies are only one of the healthcare industries McKesson leads. It should come without saying that there is a world of opportunity within fortune 10 companies and that opportunity is it's own benefit, but this company values professional development, work/home life, continuity and retirement planning making it an attractive workplace for people at all stages in their professional career. My colleagues with several years of tenure encouraged me to complete my contact period and explained that I will advance quickly. I was promoted within 6 months of starting and I am very pleased that I have stayed. The culture driven by the needs of patients so the work is very collaborative. McKesson has lively Employee Resource Groups including, but not limited to groups for women, PoC and LGBTQ+ all of whom sponsor events on site and wield significant influence.
I work at an affiliate location of McKesson. Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers is a fast paced environment. Co-workers are easy to work with and always willing to lend a helping hand. When requesting time off we regularly are granted the request unless there is already someone else out in that same department.
McKesson has a great work environment that cares about the health and wellness of their employees. There are a lot of opportunities for growth and development.
I would like to see management and upper management stay consist as well as be more transparent of upcoming events.
I have always admired this company for its ethics and growth. After starting as a full-time employee I've discovered it is much harder to transfer or move up (within my department). There seems to be a "who you know" environment, not based on experience or credentials. Also, employees are only allowed 30-minute lunches (this includes clinical staff as well as customer service reps). No real flexibility in schedules. This is a very successful company and they don't offer employee bonuses. Even Walmart offers their employees a Christmas bonus. Would like to see these improvements in this department. I still believe Mckesson as a whole is a great organization.
This large corporation owns Arizona oncology. The pay is decent for what the wage is in my part of town. As a employee they treat you well and will work with you schedule flexibility if need be.
My company was bought out by Mckesson and so far the merger has gone pretty well. Im just waiting to see what's in store for me next. As of right now im looking at positions I can transfer into in different states.
Great place to work and learn new things. Head of the company is always coming in to encourage as often as possible. We have annual BBQ and time with our family. If you desired another position, you were the first to be considered from outside candidates.
I work for a group practice that is part of McKesson. At the practice where I work, people are friendly and management is fair. Some of the company policies, such as having all time off lumped in together (no separate sick and vacation) are not great, but I understand very common among American companies these days. The culture promotes camaraderie and work/life balance pretty well. Merit based raises are minuscule.
My experience with McKesson is very good. The managers I deal with are very kind and show that they care about us. The only thing I would like to see change, which will be hard for this type of company, is set hours. I understand why this would be hard to do so I do not stress about it.
Now that McKesson has took over our company they have provided more benefits. The company has given us more opportunity to grow.
Great employer to work for great work/life balance. A great company to get experience and knowledge as you look into growing.
As a new college grad, this was a great starting point. I have learned a lot and have been working hard to prove my worth to the company. I have decided to return to school as it seems that those with graduate school degrees obtain better pay and better positions. The department I am in is undergoing many changes so the pressure is on but I am lucky to work with a great team of positive people.
The McKesson Corporation employs several entities. I am employed under Physician Alliance/US Oncology/Texas Oncology. US Oncology offers perks, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, paid time off, a floating holiday, and special employee programs to help with finances and mental health. The company uses the SMART goal setting criteria during evaluation, allowing employees to rate themselves as well as management. There is an exit interview when terminating a position under the company which allows management and HR to identify problems and modify as needed. The hourly and salary rates are usually based on the location of the offices and transferring to other locations are encouraged.
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Mckesson is a decent company to work for. The pay is great. I work as a customer service rep. Some days are hard and so days are easier. I like the fact that you can work over time when its offered and the main thing is I like helping the customers. There are a few changes within the company that I would like to see.In certain areas the growth opportunities are rare. I would love to see a change in that. I hope that the company would take the initiate up front to let the customers know if there will be a change within the company. I would like to see a change in PTO and point system. We do not get sick time. I hope in the future that training for others will be different and more effective.
I love McKesson and they are striving to become a better company for their employees! the cafeteria is a little expensive but we have free drinks in the break room. They are also looking for Women leaders! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great place to work.
I enjoy my job a lot. I know that I am making a difference in patients lives. I enjoy the people I work with and I have a caring boss.
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