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1216 Second Street Southwest
Rochester, MN 55902
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Mayo Clinic is truly a one of kind medical center. I worked as an new graduate RN in the ICU and the training and education was amazing. Mayo's strong core values really shows not only in the patient experience, but also with the staff they employ. The pay is competitive, the workload is less than other institutions (aka good staffing rations), and the work life balance is great depending what department you work in. There is plenty room for professional advancement and opportunities to travel to conferences for free. Truly a life changing career as advertised. Rochester, MN is a like a nice suburb with all the grocery and restaurants you need. Great place for family, but if you are a younger single person and need a fun city life, Minneapolis is only an 80 min drive.
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Working at Mayo Clinic has been an amazing opportunity for me! Everyday working here is rewarding. We see patients from all over the world who come to us for their health care needs. At Mayo Clinic we are passionate about patient care, education and research. I personally enjoy working at Mayo Clinic because of the atmosphere and rewarding aspect of my job. I see patients and help them every day. Patients can be scared, in pain, or even confused and it is my job to help them. I am always excited and happy to have the opportunity to help or put a smile on a patients face!
Mayo Clinic is the best company I have worked for and I don't see myself leaving. They take care of their employees in more ways than one. Compensation is extremely competitive, Health benefits options are endless, amazing growth opportunities within the department or outside of it.
There are many retirement plans that Mayo offers that I feel very secure taking advantage of.
Great location and in my role, easy to balance life outside of work.
Thank you Mayo Clinic, you have better the quality of my life as an employee and as a patient!