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I currently work in the Nutrition and Patient Food Services as a Supervisor.
I applied for this job never expecting a college graduate would receive it, and to say when I was offered the job I was shocked would be an understatement. To be able to work at such a high ranked, highly credited hospital in the United States is such a blessing. The feeling of working along side so many highly educated individuals in health care is unbelievable. What I love most about MGH is the constant education I am receiving just from working my full time position. This job has helped me grow as a person and realize how I plan to further my career in the healthcare profession, which will be through nursing. Without MGH, I wouldn't have been able to find my true calling or make this big of a decision.
I am proud to work at MGH we change lives every day and the knowledge every team member has makes a world of difference
Although the pay is one of the lowest amongst greater Boston hospitals, the teaching environment tends to compensate this. You have exposure to some of the most incredible cases and technologically advanced equipment in the world, treating patients of all walks of life.
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I just recently started but it is 1000 times better than the place I worked at. I feel smarter every single day I come into work. They take the time to orient you through all the ICU's, emergency departments, etc. so you can become more well rounded as you explore what might potentially become a home for you.
I honestly love my job. Working in a big hospital and be tough and intimidating at first, over time you realize the patient flow is large but the employees still all know each other. There's always a smiling friendly face that you'll see roaming the halls.
I love my experience here! I work as a CNA and everyone is super helpful and inclusive. Working on a neurology floor, I have learned to adjust to high-acuity patient populations who suffer from stroke-related injuries.
Overall experience was positive, learned and saw a lot. Helped me improve confidence with working with patients. Very disappointed there wasn't opportunity for me to grow at this hospital.
MGH as a whole is a wonderful place to work. I worked in the Emergency Department and as a whole, the people were wonderful and the environment between staff was generally friendly. The management among the admin staff was amazing, and was always there if you needed to talk. The benefits were amazing, and they offer many opportunities ranging from concert deals to hotel deals to tuition reimbursement and everything in between. I would stay working at Mass. General Hospital if I didn't have to go back to school.
I enjoy the fact that I am constantly given opportunities to learn. Every week we get an email with different listings for educational or professional development. Topics range from redcap to biostatistics. It is also great to work with passionate individuals who I admire.
MGH is an organization where if you're just starting or you've worked for 25 years, it's always welcoming and there's always something new to learn. There is always so much happening that it never gets boring.
Diverse group of very intelligent people. There is room to grow if you are serious about furthering yourself. I started here 8 years ago and I'm happy that I did.
This is a great hospital to work in. Management seems to really care about its employees, but the pay to work ratio is not as great. This is one of the most sought after hospitals for care and with that comes a heavier load of patients than most facilities. It would be great to find a way to make things flow better.
I love working at Massachusetts General Hospital and I learn a lot. I am a patient care associate and I work with many patients. The nurses on the floor I work on are very kind and helpful, and they always take advantage of opportunities to help me learn new things about nursing, as I am still in nursing school.
I have been working at MGH for around 7 years. I have worked in 3 different departments and have grown so much throughout the years. I hope to be with this institution throughout my whole career.
I liked working with the people there. The patients and their families were quite sweet as well. It was wonderful being able to engage and talk with people. I learned that I definitely want to interact with people for a living because of this experience.
As a pharmacy intern at Massachusetts General Hospital, I gained a lot of experience with customer service and patient interactions. We have work stations that we rotate around every 2 hours so the work isn’t monotonous. The pharmacists and technicians are very friendly and are always willing to help whenever I have trouble with a patient.
MGH is always improving and learning from individual patients and the patient population in total. It has been great to be a nurses aid or patient care associate here because the environment has given me an opportunity to learn a lot and grow as a student nurse.
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Great friendly Hospital, great benefits for employees and an overall fantastic place to work. If you have any issues with personal or family, they will work around anything that comes up. They provide some of the best time off that you can imagine and are encouraged to take vacation to be with your family. They also like when you are involved and want you to succeed while employed there. They also offer opportunities for you to better your education and even support it by tuition assistance programs and grants.
Excellent place to work. Employees are passionate about providing exceptional care and are extremely helpful.
I really enjoy working at Massachusetts General Hospital. The employees keep the job a friendly and inclusive environment.
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