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At my specific location, management is awesome. And they always worked with my school schedule. Any time I have needed to take vacation days, they readily let me go if I gave them three weeks notice.
My first job while I was in highschool. It can get unorganized quick and every second we need to go out to the floor and organize. Lines are extremely long. Sometimes I would need to stay extra time because the manager would ask me to. My schedule was never consistent
Love working there, they are a great company to work for. They are amazing with working with school schedules and needing time off and the managers are amazing.
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I have worked for the company for several years and plan on continuing my employment throughout schooling and beyond. The company truly cares about its employees and will do everything they can and offer resources for many of life's unexpected occurrences. I have worked at different Marshalls in the U.S., and every store is different, but each store always strives for a sense of family and teamwork. The days can be challenging and frustrating at times, but there are opportunities for improvement and open communication. I would recommend Marshalls to anyone looking for their first job in retail or if they are looking for a part-time or weekend income. I love shopping at Marshall's and working for the company as well!
Marshalls is a great place to shop at/or work. The employees are kind to costumes and help them find what they are looking for if needed. It can be fast-paced at times but the company always upholds the good quality of its stores.
Most coworkers are nice and friendly but management is very disorganized and sometimes disrespectful to employees. Overall, not a bad place to work relative to many other retail stores.
I love working here the people are great and pay great money. I don't like how they down email people there schedules you actually have to go inside the store and look for your schedule and I feel that they don't understand that people do sometimes forget when they are supposed to be working
I love working here, they treat all employees like family. They give so many incentives just for doing your job well that it makes it fun, not to mention the opportunities to grow your career. They promote from within based on job performance, so it's not impossible to go from part time cashier to management.
The best part of working was getting to know my fellow employees. They made my time there an enjoyable experience.
I like working at Marshalls in Boston,MA. I have been working for thr company for a little over a year and a half. The people I work with are wonderful and the hours are flexible for me since I’m a college student. Someone I would like to see change are the hours and the having tuition remberstment for students in school.
Fast paced with a lot to learn. Friendly employees and most management. Mistakes are always noticed and very easy to make.
Every day i went to work was an awesome adventure, coworkers super freindly and the managers are super helpful.
I've worked for Marshall's for 5 years (both part time and full time) and they definitely care about their employees and the community. They offer employee assistance programs, scholarships, and several opportunities for growth within the company. They also do not open on Thanksgiving like most retailers which means store employees actually get to enjoy their families!
Great opportunities for internal advancement, great pay raises and bonuses, even for part time workers and great team.
Marshalls is by far the most excellent place I've ever had the pleasure to work at. The company has created its stores to have a warm, welcoming environment for the associates as well as the customers. Marshalls is a place for people who seek leadership skills training as well as customer service experience, creating success not only in the company, but in the outside world as well. The culture in the workplace is optimistic and uplifting. Each worker is always eager to help out in some way. Workers are able to express their true personalities around, creating a fun environment to work and shop in. Marshalls managers truly care for their employees. Any issues needing to be addressed are taken care of almost immediately. The hours are flexible, scheduled according to everyone's availability. Marshalls is a great place for anybody to work at whether they are teens, adults, parents, or even senior citizens. Personally, I am highly satisfied with my overall experience at Marshalls, inc.
Working at Marshalls was my very first job. I have been working there for 5 years. The company does their best in helping the employees be successful and happy while getting the job done. I am very thankful for that.
I started working for this company three years ago last month. I was hired on as a sales associate and throughout the years I have learned so much about the company, customer service and myself. Although I really like working with this company I would say there isn't much room for growth.
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it's a great place to work! From being open door to the family setting. It was great working there. The only thing is that when it comes to making sales you have to have love what your doing in order to be successful.
I like how they take some initiative to make sure that their workers are satisfied with breaks ,hours etc. fairness in the workplace is something I would like to see change .
I really like how Marshalls works around any scheduling conflicts I have (i.e., school). The hours are not very stable and shift constantly, which can be annoying, but if you show that you are a hardworking, reliable worker, you will get pretty good hours. The management I have dealt with at multiple store is overall very good. It can definitely be stressful at times (i.e., Christmas), but they are pretty chill with working around my school schedule and any time off I request. Coworkers can be annoying to work with, as some just think they are better than everyone, but that is not enough of an issue for me because I just ignore them and focus on my work. Overall, I would recommend this company as an entry-level or temporary job. It is probably not one you would want to stay at forever, but if I absolutely had to, I could work at Marshalls as a permanent job.
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