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This is a great first job. Market Basket is known for giving their employees good benefits, and of the 10 months that I worked there I got my pay increased by 50 cents which is a lot. Depending on the store your co-workers will be a hit or miss, and the customers even greater so. Some of my bosses were good, some I didn't care for that much, but again, this is a good first job.
I have wonderful coworkers there! The company supports its workers and even offers scholarships to their employees! I would recommend applying here if you are a people person.
It is a good challenge to work there at times because you learn that you have to be very fast paced as well as learn to work well with others. Customer Service is also an important piece to learn while you are working at Market Basket the store where you get more for your dollar.
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I was a cake decorator for about a year, and worked there for 3 years. I like that I could choose my own hours, which is necessary as a student. However I did not like that I found it impossible to actually get the raise that you are promised when you are hired.
I have been working at Market Basket for 2 and a half years. I really enjoy working there, my managers and co workers are very helpful and understanding. I like the career advancement it offers, I am currently training to become a front end assistant and have been for a while. The other assistants and managers have been very helpful during the process. I feel like I have a lot of different opportunities from working at Market Basket.
I have been working at the Tilton Market Basket for six years now. They are good at hiring people who want to a part time job. They are very flexible with work schedules and offer a good salary to those who are beginning and they give hours to those who want to work and show initiative and effort.
I like working there but sometimes it’s just so draining . And I would rather be anywhere else in the world . But that’s what work is like and I need money so I got to do what I have to do .
I have worked here for about 5 years and they treat their employees extremely well and always expect a high standard of work ethic.
they are great with there employees and working with them. they have great benefits and bonuses for all employees. Its a great working environment I always have fun there it never seems like true work.I don't have a hard time getting up and going in to work. I look forward to going into a positive work environment. what would I change the parameters of becoming full time Bass it on how many hours one works not what there availability is. Some many not be able to close or open but they put in full time hours and that is what should matter not weather they can close 2 nights a week .
Great first job bonus are nice and keep you stable. Hours are always flexible managers are understanding.
Market Basket is an amazing place to work! Since I started four years ago it has never disappointed! The employees as well as the managers are friendly and understanding. Making jokes is a daily occurrence. I definitely recommend Market Basket as a place to shop and work!!
This is my first job and I think it was the best option for me. My financial and communication skills have improved greatly since I have been working here. I've met so many nice coworkers and every employee matters. I love how it is so close to home and how flexible the hours are. I am proud to be a part of the Market Basket family.
Market basket has a great work environment with friendly customers. My main issue was the way management was directed very old school. They need to expand new ways to help change the store prospective. New set of eyes to tackle the small issues within the company. There is perhaps potential for improvements. Scheduling is very flexible specially for new moms or college students. Overall, I don't regret my 5 years with them. Market Basket is a great company.
The company is very accommodating and a nice place to work. The only downside is having to deal with the public, but most of the time it is not that bad!
There is very little room to grow in the organization with hardworking workers being overused with no hope for promotion. However, a good place to start
Very organized and friendly workers, great low prices. worked here for 7 years and I learn something new every time i work. i have made many friends and got to know customers. I am more Confident in myself because of this job. they give out great bonuses and pay time and half on Sunday’s and holidays. Cashiers are personable and the managers are always willing to help
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