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206 2nd St E
Bradenton, FL 34208
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I've been here as both an employee and patient. Highly recommended for their expertise and caring! I have worked here once before, left the area for several years and returned. They are supportive of their employees and offer avenues to advance your career. I managed to work full time during the entire length of my full time schooling. My manager and co-workers were extremely supportive of my endeavors and celebrated in my successes.
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It is a very welcoming environment that encourages continuing education and career advancement. The management and staff offer support and guidance as well as a team environment. Family and work life balance are supported. Taking breaks and lunches are supported and encouraged which is a definite positive and not something commonly supported in the field of nursing.
I love how manatee memorial hospital, teach the students with internship to really be a great co-worker for any jobb, we might go further in, and learn all the ropes in and out. They also have a great program for students who will like to further they careers.