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I like the building. Nice decor, lots of space, and only about 15 people work there. There is a kitchen with 2 fridges, dishwashers, some toasters, microwaves, and tons of coffee makers. The organization is terrible!!! Inventory is the worst because some makeup is placed on shelves and other times you find them randomly around the warehouse on different pallets. I love assembling, packaging, and I got the opportunity to ship. The people are fun to be around mostly, not supposed to be drama, sometimes there is. If we aren't busy they cut hours.
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The work itself is not bad, it's the company and how it's being run. The manager of the whole company is rude, smart mouth and disrespectful to 90% of the employees there. Thinking about going to work was stressful, wondering who was being fired next and if youd be yelled at when you came in. The turn over rate is TERRIBLE. Everyday I worked they have someone new working and then would let them again within a week or less. The work place is full of drama and snobs. Not a good place to work.
Its a great place to work especially @11 a hour.... The organization is horrid but fixable! All I have done is packaged the pallet's and its extremely fun because we can listen to music and extremely easy to find your rhythm... and make alot of them in 1 day! Hands down will be working here for a while!