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4800 N Scottsdale Road #4400
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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Magellan is an excellent company! There is equal opportunity as well a job advancement. Management is great! Everyone is so warm and welcoming. You can really tell they enjoy what they do. Also, there are job opportunities that could allow you to work remotely! They have great perks and the pay is great! I love my work environment and I recommend Magellan to anyone that is seeking employment!
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The business is failing and it’s no wonder, poor management and business practices plus in the customer service sector the pay is good for one with no knowledge or experience but for a seasoned rep with more than a decade of experience they choose to not acknowledge that monetarily but want you to train new employees coming in making the same amount. They have a pay scale they chose not to use
Magellan has a great internal support system and a lot of growth opportunities. The on boarding could be better I think for certain positions, but it is being worked on. Excellent vacation right out the gate. I would like additional sick time as an option, possibly to purchase but its still good.