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185 Berry St
San Francisco, CA 94107
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Lyft Reviews

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Self-contractor for a rideshare company is a great way to earn money. You put in the hours you want, as little or a much as you’d like. The best advantage is you make your own schedule! The only caveat is the company is located in California. So communication is lacking, if any issues arise is near to impossible to get immediate assistance. Correspondence is done via email, and plan to wait 1-2 days for some kind of response. Through experience, sometimes the first response is a misunderstanding of the situation at hand and will take several emails back and forth to resolve the problem. Otherwise, it is a excellent form of income - especially if temporary or on the side for supplemental income. Happy driving!
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I love driving for Lyft. As a full time student, the hardest thing to do is finding an employer willing to work with your schedule. Other times it’s embarrassing asking your employer to change your schedule every 4 months because your school schedule has changed. If I need an extra day off from work to study before an exam, or to work on a paper or project, being a driver for Lyft allows me to do so. Lyft offers the flexibility of creating your own work schedule, which has been an enormous help for me as a college student. Lyft has allowed me to obtain my AA (just transferred to a 4yr. University) while supporting a family.
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I learned a lot during my time at this company. I felt I was able to create and contribute extensively, however it never really felt like it mattered much in the grand scheme of things. The salary and benefits were really excellent, definitely missed them when they were gone! But the nature of the job changed frequently with highly mixed communication from management. There was insufficient support to help employees navigate changes and increasingly felt like more like a robot and less like a human individual. Kind of the way it goes with CX in a big company unfortunately. Just isn't for everyone.