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540 South Santa Fe Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90013
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I worked at Lucky Brand for a bit over a year! I absolutely loved my manager and my co-workers dearly, and I always looked forward to working with them. I quite enjoyed the tasks of cleaning and reorganizing the jean wall (though by the time you got to folding what seemed like a couple hundred pairs of jeans, you were completely over that!) Lucky Brand had good incentives for their employees, and would often reward us with pizza parties and free merchandise when a certain store goal was reached. The store was always a calm and fun environment to be in. Working the register was easy, folding and displaying merchandise was creatively stimulating, and helping customers was a great way to pass the time in a shift.
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I love my coworkers and management at my lucky brand store in Bakersfield! It is a fun place to work and I feel supported. Often times, any disagreement I have with the company usually involves corporate decisions, like removing sizing stickers off the pant legs , but for the most part, I have no real concerns! I am a part-time worker at this company, as I am a full-time student.
It was a really nice environment to work in, especially if you want to work in retail. I got to learn about the industry, buying and selling costs, and they offer awesome discounts for their employees!