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191 North Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606
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Given that it is a twelve hour schedule, that rotates every six weeks and overtime is given just two days before you are expected to be there, I would say the environment is fairly difficult to adjust to. Overall, the company has potential, but mismanagement and woeful hiring practices make it difficult to train and keep good people working here. Those that are here are mostly the bottom of the barrel, with only rare exceptions.
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Work life balance is good. Raises are set at 1% for all employees. Promotions are all top heavy. The cost of medical expense are so burdensome on the employee that the raises can never really offset the cost. The lowest premium is just to say you have medical, because you pay mostly for your own medical attention if it is not the normal annual checkups. There is no money left to contribute to the 401k that actually has a company match.
LSC Communications is a nice place to work. The hours are always available to you, and overtime is there if you want it, but is not hard to give to other employees if you don't want it. The work schedule is very interesting. You work 3 or 4 days a week (alternating Sundays), meaning you get several days off in a row.