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1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32837
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The Longhorn Steakhouse staff is very welcoming, almost like a family. The company is well organized, and provides opportunity for growth from within. The benefits and other programs they implement, such as Darden Dimes, are fantastic!
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The food and service are always outstanding. Employees receive great benefits daily which includes two free sides, 25% discount on all Darden restaurants, and 50% off at LongHorn on days that you work. There is a program called Darden Dimes which allows you to put a few cents/dimes into an account which generates money for employees if there is ever an emergency. For example, if I give $5 of each paycheck and a coworker gets into a car accident, myself amongst others that contribute within the company are helping the employee pay for the incident.
As a full-time student and part-time Longhorn employee, I am happy to say that Longhorn is very understanding when adjusting my schedule to benefit both parties. I am proud to work in this restaurant for we present ourselves and our food professionally, respectfully, and thoughtfully. I would recommend Longhorn to an prospective employees and hesitant guests, because our food is just outrageously tasty.