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Lifetime fitness is more than a gym, my time here has taught me that it is a health and fitness country club. Where the employees enjoy it just as much as the members. When you work at lifetime fitness however you work just as hard as you play. There is a very professional environment where good work ethic will go a long way in a company that likes to promote from within.
The company cares about their employees and shows this through team member engagement surveys, implementation of a social app, and discounts within the club and beyond. The leadership has improved and so has my experience working here. The new leadership and management team at my location has made coming to work very exciting and enjoyable. I also enjoy being able to participate in club activities as a member- not just an employee.
it was good to work there in high school and it was a fun job with great benefits and was valuable to me at the time.
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Sometimes communications are not spread very well throughout the company and have constant and immediate changes. The free membership is amazing and is a strong factor of why I am still there. Not amazing nor bad place to work. Great for those who love fitness
Lifetime taught me professional life skills, high-quality phone answering skills and how to dress in a professional world because we were required to wear all black and white.
I have been working in kids department at lifetime for over 3 years now. It has been quite the journey, meeting all of the kiddos some who were infants when I first started and are now three years old. Being a team member at lifetime you get access to luxury gym and pool at no price, pay is minimum wage, hours are flexible and there is a lot of opportunity. Plenty of departmetns to check out, operations, kids, sales management, front desk, spa, cafe, etc. The employees get extensive training to ensure we are all at our best. Everyone is friendly for the most part, happy to be there. It is easy to get in touch eith management as every department has their own manager and then there is one general manager per location. It is a top notch time. The healthy way of life company.
I have been with lifetime for 3 years and I will always recommend this club to everyone seeking the healthy way of life fitness.
My experience at Life Time Fitness has been great for the past 2 years and i cant wait to meet more people who have the same intersts i do
The gym is very nice and 2 out of my 4 managers have been amazing. It is a very welcoming community and they respect high schoolers availability. My main complaint is that one of my managers was very disrespectful to her whole staff, yet she wasn't talked to about her behavior for an extensive period of time. She was later fired, but the staff was unhappy with her management for four months.
The environment is great. The only downside is the pay is not as great for working for a billion dollar company.
Life Time is a pretty good place to work. Employment comes with a free membership, so that alone pays for itself.
I absolutely love working here. My coworkers are great and always are concerned about my well being and keep things fun in the work place while remaining to get the job done.
Life Time has great benefits and pay. Managment always cares about their employees and the work they are doing. Hours are flexible and you can easily control the hours you work. Overall the best place I have worked!
Life Time Fitness is the best fitness club in the nation. Great perks and benefits for part time and full time employees.
Lifetime Fitness truly meets the criterium to be amongst the elite. There is a definite reason why Lifetime doesn’t consider itself as a gym. We are so much more. Come and see why!
Lifetime Fitness is a fantastic and unique health facility. The quantity of activities to improve your health is like no other facility I've experienced. Trainers are always open for suggestions on workout routines, eating choices, and overall well-being. Lifetime isn't just a gym, but a fitness community.
Life Time Fitness is an amazing company to work for, amazing sense of community and a wonderful mission.
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Very organized and the free gym membership is very much worth it. My fellow co-workers are all trained and correctly hired and the work environment makes being at the job fun.
everyone who works here are very flaky. people don’t show up for shifts, and managers are rude. team members are nice and fun to work with but management makes us feel stupid.
Nice working environment and friendly employees. They also work around your schedule, especially when working in the aquatics department.
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