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7555 Woodland Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46278

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My experience at Lids has been one of a kind. Working here created opportunities for me to increase some of my skills I needed improvement on. Engaging with the customers requires great customer service and learn to relinquish from being shy when starting conversation with others. Working with your co-workers helps you become a better teammate or helps you become a leader. The management here is very helpful in all kind of ways. If you need help with something or mess up, they will assist you and train you to make sure you prevent that same mistake from happening. Overall, I would suggest and refer people to work at Lids because it is a fun environment and you would be really satisfied with working there.
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Lids is a get start to exploring your career. If your looking for a career based field starting to work for Lids is where you want to go. Lids pushes its employees to not just perform to the company’s standards, but to perform to the highest level in ourselves. It’s a fun environment, your never bored. Everyday is different, Lids keeps you on your toes.
I like the people at LIDS. My co workers are very caring, funny, helpful, laid back,and keep me on my A game. But pay is extremely low I'm an assistant manager and only make 9.50 an hour with only two work days out the week. More hours and high pay.