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1320 West Main Street
Newark, OH 43055
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Licking Memorial Hospital Reviews

2 reviews
My time at LMH has been a long and hard road that has ultimately changed me for the better. Starting as a janitor and eventually transferring to the emergency department has allowed me to see multiple aspects of the county hospital setting. While to staff is intelligent, they are mostly young and inexperienced. Retention rates are very low for the majority of nurse aid positions. Schedule is often more lenient for the nurse aids in the ED, but nurses are often schedule for multiple shifts in a row at different times of the day. Resulting in them working both days and nights within the same week or two days. Scheduling is not flexible or aids on the floor. Management is often strict and makes encouragement through threats of written warnings. I do not feel as though I have good job security in this position, but I have also held it for two years at this point.
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There have been a lot of changes made recently with management and supervisors, which has been stressful, but patient care is still top priority.