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505 S Cherry Grove Ave
Annapolis, MD 21401
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2 reviews
First of all, great place to eat at and delicious food. As an employee I would say that it is a very fun place to work at. Great co-workers and managers. Everyone is like a family and plus there are employee discounts! Reasonable salary rates. Its just that my boss is very strict with the rules and regulations but otherwise is a very cool guy. Overall I love working here.
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The owners and peers are nice and the quality of food prep, meal dispensing, and cleanliness of work environment was upheld. I just personally didn’t like working as a grill chef because it is a strenuous job in an often hot environment due to the grill and fryer- plus I have no interest in being a chef or in the culinary field so it was a good first job but not something I personally would pursue as my occupation