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Lakeland Regional Medical Center Reviews

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The experience is awesome! I love the opportunity that is given for us serving the community. Great place to learn and try new things I'm grateful for the chance to provide my skills for the care of others.
While working at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, I was able to learn new skills and practice ones already obtained. The opportunity to interact with others was the biggest reward. Helping those in need, whether lending a hand, helping with financial applications or simply providing a cup of water or a warm blanket. It was truly a great experience.
This started out as an great place to work. Upper management was reshuffled and that was not for the best.
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I like everything about it. The people are friendly and the supervisor's doors are always open, even if they are not your supervisors.
I was very happy to receive a job offer. LRH is one of the busiest US hospitals, with top doctors and nurses. Competitive pay, flexible hours and management cares about the employees concerns.
I would love to see a bonus check every year. Its a nice place to work at. I love my coworkers and how we work together. Managemnt is ok.
This employer promotes education and encourages employees to pursue their dreams. There are plenty of opportunities for growth within the organization. Everyone is a valuable employee and valued as an individual
This organization is an excellent place to work, however, they do not have the most competitive pay and no bonuses for an employees hard work.
I have worked at the medical center for the last 15 years and absolutely love it. I can not actually imagine working anywhere else. They strongly encourage employees to go to school or keep going to school so they can possibly better themselves.
Working at this hospital is an interesting experience. I get to see unique situations and I thoroughly enjoy talking to the patients who come from all walks of life. Things are not perfect though, and this is evident through working hands on in the hospital and seeing things that need fixing. For example, a new building was just built here and the elevators are barely big enough for the patients. This is a huge problem for patients who have large and innumerable medical machines and equipment that they need to have brought with them when moving. I see problems like that and wish I could fix them.
Scheduling is pretty good. Staff is friendly and educated. Location is good. New and evolving facilities. Growing environment. Compensation not competitive.
Great place to work. Employees are always encouraged to grow in turn leads to hard workers and committed employees.
I love the culture at LRMC. The nurses are given autonomy to work within the complete scope of our practice. The managers hold everyone including themselves accountable to the standard of excellence.
My experience at lakeland regional had be very exciting and the learning experience has been very rewarding. My direct manager has made the experience better. You can have a great job but if leadership isn't great then you would hate the job. My leadership is awesome and she has been one of the best individuals y top work with.
Great encouraging and supportive management staff. Tuition reimbursement is an option. No change recommendation at this time.
I very much love my job as a registered nurse in the Emergency Department! My coworkers are very easy to get along with and they helpful when needed. We all work very well together as a team and are led by supervisors and managers who are willing to be hands-on with us when they are needed!
LRMC is a great place to work for. Every employee strives to provide the best quality of care for patients. Awesome benefits which makes up for the average pay.
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This organization is the best around. It cares about its employees. people who leave for other hospitals often come back.
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