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About Lakeland Regional Medical Center...
1324 Lakeland Hills Blvd
Lakeland, FL 33805
About the Area
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Dense Suburban
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The experience is awesome! I love the opportunity that is given for us serving the community. Great place to learn and try new things I'm grateful for the chance to provide my skills for the care of others.
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While working at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, I was able to learn new skills and practice ones already obtained. The opportunity to interact with others was the biggest reward. Helping those in need, whether lending a hand, helping with financial applications or simply providing a cup of water or a warm blanket. It was truly a great experience.
Working at this hospital is an interesting experience. I get to see unique situations and I thoroughly enjoy talking to the patients who come from all walks of life. Things are not perfect though, and this is evident through working hands on in the hospital and seeing things that need fixing. For example, a new building was just built here and the elevators are barely big enough for the patients. This is a huge problem for patients who have large and innumerable medical machines and equipment that they need to have brought with them when moving. I see problems like that and wish I could fix them.