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My experience at Kona Grill has been different from my other server experience. The crowd is definitely a bit more high class and expect not only a fast and short service but also be able to expand on the menu and knowledge on the different dishes and drinks we have.
I have worked at Kona Grill for almost 3 years and have grown so much as a person and employee because of it. Kona has great managers, employees, policies, and food!
As with most restaurant jobs, the hours are flexible, and the environment is moderately laid-back and fun! Management is helpful and concerned about the wellbeing of the staff and guests. My commute from home is rather short and pleasant. The employees tend to be young and friendly. If you like sushi, you will enjoy kona grill.
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Kona Grill Inc. has a friendly staff and makes the customers' experience their top priority by serving the highest quality food.
My job is great. The management is awesome. The pay and hours are good and they work around your school schedule
Working as a Hostess at Kona Grill provided me with the flexibility I needed as a full time college student, as well as allowing me to hold down a part time job. I made a lot of great friends and gained firsthand insight into the restaurant industry working as a FOH. Overall, it is a great first job, and if you are dedicated to working hard, you can eventually work your way up to a server position. The management was very supportive in terms of a working environment and being flexible with requests for time off, school hours, etc. My only criticism is that corporate be more involved when implementing new changes such as a new menu, new hours, etc to their employees as well as guests. I also wish that they would allow for more employee input into the company, as well as spreading out pay raises to more restaurant employees vs. upper management in corporate. After all, a company is only as strong as the management and employees within it.
I work as a server and I love it! They work well with my schedule and continue to strive to find what works best for everyone. It is a great first server job to train servers to care about the consumers interests and needs, providing great service! I only wish they offered scholarships for higher education.
Working at kona grill is fantastic. However our district has a pretty rude and disrespectful district supervisor, who loves to pop in every now and again and make us feel absolutely bad about the job we are doing. Aside from that, food is fantastic, managment is great, staff is friendly, hours are very flexible, and the money is great. I strongly recommend kona to anyone who is starting off as a server. Everyone is very patient with you.
Great place to work, great company, awesome managers, the company makes you feel like you’re all family. Corporate is always there when needed! Thank you
I like the atmosphere and menu. I do wish the staff overall was better at teamwork and promoting positive moral, but this is no reflection on the company.
I very much enjoy most of the people I work with. It is constantly what puts a smile on my face. I enjoy the food as well. Some things that could change are on a corporate level. I like my local store but there are just some corporate rules that are not working.
great company to work for! work environment is amazing its like a home away from home. due to a high turn over rate sometimes things get a little disorganized but other than that an awesome company which offers a great work life balance!
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