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Kindred at Home - Girling Community Care Reviews

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Overall great place to work. Field staff is supportive of each other most of the time. I would recommend this company to others that are very driven in their career paths.
Being an employee has been a stepping stone in my life. Not only has my management shown me how management should treat employees but the clients have also taught me so much. Kindred at home does not offer health insurance for personal home care employees unless you work 30 hours for a full year at the company. That would be the main issue I have with the company. Heath insurance is very important and necessary.
I work at the Kindred at Home in Overland Park, KS. This is an excellent company to work for. The leadership is 100% dedicated to the vision of the company and they give their team all the resources necessary to execute. It is the perfect place for someone who wants more than a job, and wants real purpose and meaning in the work.
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Good place to work overall. Flexibility amd competitive pay. Friendly atmosphere. Insurance is not the greatest.
This is one of the best jobs I have ever had. My coworkers are very friendly and we always have a great time together. They make the work day easier to get through. I know I can always count on them if I have questions or need clarification on anything. The pay is great as well. The upper management is great to work for aswell. We are a well oiled machine.
I really like the job, so far people are nice and understanding. I would refer them to my friend's for employment
I liked the hours, get paid more, cause i did above and beyound with my client it was a very good experience to have in my career in some hospitality
Working for Girling Healthcare has been a rewarding experience for me. I assist them bathing, meal prep, cleaning and most important providing a listening ear. I love when I can enter their house and bring a smile to their face. Many elderly clients dont have family or adequate care and no one to visits and I provide these services with a smile and a hug. I would like to see other providers give the love and effort to assist them. Providers get into the job for money, but its way more than that. They dont understand that one day the will age and need the same professional care they are hired to do.
I really like working for this company. They are a really good company to work for. The pay is low but other than that it is an overall good company.
I like that a variety of personalities that are hired. I do not like that employees are expected to perform duties management cannot do themselves nor even explain how all these duties can be done. Unorganized when it comes to maintaining compliance. No new ideas to improve are ever accepted. Extremely high turn over. No incentives for being greater than average. Inconsistency with daily tasks to improve quality. Employees are tasked with far more duties than can realistically and honestly be obtained. 1 person does 50 things so 1/2 done incorrectly. Pay rates not consistent nor competitive. Nepotism causing conflict. It is very personally rewarding for those who love to help their community and those not fired continue to work for the cause.
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